We can assist in many areas including:

  • Workplace relationship issues such as conflicting management styles

  • Fractured communication within a team

  • Resolving conflict due to working style differences

  • Bringing together two parties who are not communicating to resolve an 'under the radar' issue 

  • Investigating allegations of discrimination and harassment

  • Employment termination conditions

  • Grievance management 


Our independent dispute resolution service offers a cost-effective workplace conflict resolution process which improves workplace relationships.  It focuses on the issues raised by the individuals as well as how the participants discuss the issues, whilst being empathetic to their individual styles.


We're here to help...

From time to time you may need assistance with managing a workplace-related issued between two employees.  Getting professional assistance from an independent qualified HR Professional ensures the matter is dealt with professionally, independently & objectively.

Employee Conflict &

Dispute Resolution