Workplace inquiries & assessments are used to uncover underlying tensions within teams or to investigate workplace dynamics.  The process is an important step towards improving working relationships, addressing cultural issues and preventing formal complaints.

Our qualified professionals follow a structured format and examine specific allegations as well as causative factors such as leadership style, workplace culture, organisational skills or operational issues. Clients receive a fully documented report on the findings with a summary of recommendations.

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Workplace Inquiries

Workplace Inquiries & Investigations

Workplace Investigations

When a workplace issue arises that requires an independent qualified and unbiased investigation, Abbot Associates can offer many services ranging from dealing with informal complaints to conducting formal investigations. 


Amanda is experienced in dealing with complaints and issues at all levels of business, including conducting investigations involving senior executives.


Issues such as claims of workplace harassment, inappropriate behaviour outside of work hours, fraudulent behaviour and breach of policies have been thoroughly investigated and the client provided with a report of findings and recommendations.

We investigate matters of evidence and can also provide insight into possible underlying causes of the complaint such as lack of capability, cultural issues, process failures and high-risk management styles.

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