As a qualified Mediator, Amanda can assist you resolve workplace conflict by facilitating a mediation process to try to settle workplace disputes informally.The mediation process focuses on reaching an outcome that suits all parties rather than deciding who is right or wrong. Amanda assists the parties to reach an agreement by identifying the issues, discussing options and working out alternatives for resolving the dispute.

Abbot Associates has assisted clients resolve many workplace disputes including:

  • Disagreement over the delegation of work tasks in a factory environment

  • Challenging of authority and refusal to acknowledge new organisational structure

  • Disagreement over specific roles and responsibilities of a manager and the team leader effecting performance and productivity


Mediation is a cost effective way to resolve workplace disagreements and disputes. The process requires all parties to be willing participants and each to agree that they are aiming for an outcome that meets their concerns.

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Facilitating a mediation between employees, between management and staff, or at Board level using a robust process ensuring natural justice is applied and an agreeable outcome is achieved. 

Workplace Mediation