Research has shown that the first 6 weeks in a new job has long-lasting impressions that influence their views about your company long after the 'honeymoon' period is over..... so it's important to get it right. 

We can provide bespoke induction, on-boarding and orientation programs for your business - tailored to suit your unique industry and also the size of your business.

Our On-boarding Assistance package ensures the essential elements to a successful induction into your business, and can be tailored to suit your needs to include:

  • Key information that they need to 'hit the ground running' such as organisational structure, accountabilities, orientation

  • Clarity about what s expected of them from Day One

  • How they fit into the 'big picture' of your organisation

  • Mentoring program

  • A 'Buddy-Up' program

  • Probation check-in systems

  • Raising any 'red flag' issues we may identify early so positive action can be undertaken promptly.

Contact us for more information about how we can ensure your talent is embedded into your organisation and become productive, engaged employees from the go-get.

First impressions make a lasting imprint on your new employee.

On-Boarding Assistance