Under-performance and/or misconduct in the workplace can result in decreased productivity levels, lessened quality of work outputs and increased management time dedicated to handling issues.


Several negative flow-on effects include low team morale, compromised organisational reputation (particularly if employees are in direct contact with customers), threatened organisational culture and increased potential for claims being made against your business.


Your organisation needs to be pro-active in identifying, managing and remedying under-performance and have systems in place ready to address these issues when they arise. 


We can assist by:

  • Providing a process and procedure for identifying and managing under-performance

  • Coaching managers on one-off performance-related issues

  • Training managers with techniques on how to have difficult performance-related conversations with their team members


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Identifying areas of employee under-performance, providing feedback in a constructive and timely way, then implementing remediation action is crucial to ensuring ongoing successful business performance.

Managing Under Performance