Our Fixed Fee Recruitment service will manage your hiring process from start to finish and ensure that you only have to deal with the most relevant applicants.

The Fixed Fee Recruitment service includes:
  • Job Description: We will prepare the vacancy listing to match your requirements.

  • Vacancy Posting: Targeted advertising across all major recruitment sites and jobs boards.

  • Resume Filtering: We review every applicant to ensure that you will only see the most suitable candidates.

  • Interview Scheduling: You provide the times and dates, and we contact, brief and schedule the candidates.

  • Offers & Regrets: We make offers to successful candidates (and negotiate on your behalf if required), and inform unsuccessful candidates if they are not right for the role.

We won’t take a percentage of the salary package like a traditional recruitment agency.


One great low-cost fixed rate regardless of the role that you’re recruiting for, or the number of candidates that you chose to hire. Fee starting from $5,000 + GST per campaign. 


We're here to help...

We know how important it is to recruit the right people in the right places... and how much time that process can take.

Fixed Fee Service