Providing HR Advice & Support in NZ and SEA

Abbot Associates are experts when it comes to Australian employment law, but that doesn’t mean that our services are limited to Australian-based businesses.

We provide advice and support to clients from all around the world in setting up their Australian operations. We also currently support businesses who are based in New Zealand and South East Asia, ensuring a high standard of service and full compliance with their local legal obligations.

International Services include:

  • Fixed Fee Recruitment: We can manage your recruitment process, from drafting the job description through to delivering job offers, we will source the best talent the Asia Pacific region has to offer for your business.

  • Retained HR Services: We will work with you to develop an understanding of your business and assist you with any employment law issues.

  • Relocation Assistance: Our specialised associate company has provided a professional and efficient service for ex-pats settling into the Australian lifestyle. Assistance with housing, school enrolment, transport and ad-hoc requests is what they do best!


Migration Services

Working with our specialist associates, we manage all the documentation and paperwork to take the 'head-ache' out of obtaining the relevant work visas for your incoming overseas national employees.

With a fixed fee charge, you know what costs to expect and budget for and will be kept 'in the loop' with weekly updates as to the progress of the visa application with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

We're here to help...

Whether you are setting up an office in Australia for the first time and need a trusted consultancy to smooth the transition, or if you have an existing operation that requires a hands-on approach to HR and compliance, contact us for practical, professional assistance. 

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International Support